Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dreams, desires and sunshine tea

Ah - a comforting picture of sleep. It's been a very relaxing day really, we explored a township we haven't seen properly before, just driven through on the highway. We had lunch at an 'artisan' bakery, very posh - the best buttery croissants we've ever tasted! And I found another bargain for $2 in one of the village shops! I've been looking for a carafe to make some 'sunshine' tea and haven't been able to find one until today. That's one of the things I was looking for when I found my blue heart yesterday. It almost feels as if the universe is showing me through little things that even your heart's desire can be made manifest if you just believe enough that it can happen ...

I had to smile today - my husband had taken the day off to spend some time with the kids as the holidays end soon, and we spent an age deciding what to do. The weather was slightly overcast at the time and cooler so I suggested we should do something we haven't been able to do for a while as it's been so hot. We all got psyched up to go for a walk into the village when it started to rain heavily, so we couldn't go anyway! I just thought it was ironic after I'd moaned so much when it was too hot. :)

Creatively I'm working on a doll from my definition of healing for this doll course. It's made from corrugated cardboard! I won't say anymore than that at the moment in case it doesn't work, but if it does I will be a happy bunny indeed!

Oh - I'd better explain what 'sunshine' tea is. You fill a carafe with water and add some teabags, then put the carafe outside in the sunshine. By the evening it should have brewed into a refreshing drink of iced tea. I got the idea from Violette, and other friends of ours recommend it too, so we can give it a try now I have my carafe. I'm not sure if you're supposed to use black or green tea, it's a matter of experimenting and seeing what tastes best I suppose. I might even try Rooibos (red bush tea) as that's really yummy and caffeine free!

Well, off to dream! Until tomorrow ...

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