Friday, January 9, 2009


Doll Number 8

Here is the latest doll for my 100 art doll challenge! My youngest wanted to call it Mr Rosie, so may be it should be called 'Confused!'; but I have decided to name my doll 'Overwhelmed' (aka Rosie). She is the doll form of how I feel some days, small and seemingly powerless, like a tiny person being carried in a giant's hand - life itself?

I made the doll by felting some wool fibres - I didn't really have much of a clue what to do, but knew what I wanted to produce and that hot water and soap and a bit of rubbing produces felt, so in celebration of having our solar water heating fixed yesterday, decided I would give it a go today! I used natural coloured Corriedale wool, and gave it colour by adding some silk sari fibres to the final layer. They mix quite nicely with the wool fibre when felting. Both the wool fibres and silk fibres were found on ebay. I used 2 big beads for shoes, and then I had to add a heart to the front of my doll, because although she's a symbol of overwhelming feelings, I also want her to be a symbol of hope. The hair is made from more silk sari fibres, knotted onto the head, and then gathered up and twisted, and held in place with some gold jewellery wire - I twisted one of the ends up into the hair so the ponytail could be placed at a jaunty angle! Unfortunately as I finished her so late, the only place I could take the photo that had decent light was our walk-in pantry. I decided to sit her in my charm bracelet to signify the circle of friends and loved ones, whom we don't always see but who provide support on our journey.

It's been quite a productive day then, I'm thrilled with my doll, made from beginning to end by me! As I began to make her, a friend arrived and we sat talking about craft over a cup of tea, absolute heaven! My son was watching me for a while trying to make the hair do what I wanted it to do, and he remarked that when I do art I seem to exude happiness. What a lovely thing to say. So, go make art ... and soothe your soul ...

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Babette said...

How lovely! I think she looks great, and I love the pink hair. As for feeling over overwhelmed, I know how she feels. :)