Monday, January 12, 2009

A day of dreaming about angels ...

I did a little happy dance today because the temperature was a whole 10 degrees lower at 27 degrees! Yay! I felt human again, it has been absolute bliss. We even ventured outside and went to the park.

The other day at the library I picked up the book "Messages from Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue. I have heard of her work but for some reason thought she might be a little too 'out there' for me, but I saw this book and it had a picture of a pretty angel on the front that attracted me to it, and I thought, 'why not'. However, I simply haven't put the book down! It is speaking to me loud and clear in so many ways; the main message I am getting is that whatever you do in life, be it your work, relationships, inner work, do it all from love and you can't go far wrong. It has even inspired a couple of art pieces in my mind, on the theme of love of course, and I will hopefully be able to complete them over the next few days and post pictures of them here. I was so surprised that the book has been able to clarify a couple of personal issues that I didn't know needed clarifying until I read the chapters this morning. At first I grieved, then felt a tremendous sense of peace. Books are amazing and can hold the most intense wisdom, so if you feel drawn to a book for any reason, check it out, it may surprise you, inspire you, even heal you.

Hope you like the pictures of the bobtail lizard. I could hear a scraping by my bedroom window this morning and when I looked outside, this little fellow was there looking back at me. I do love the bobtails, they have a blue tongue which this one moved too fast for me to capture on film, and I have been told they can give you quite a nip if you annoy them! Luckily they tend to hiss at you in warning first. Usually I see them when gardening - after I've leapt 5 feet into the air because I thought I was seeing a snake. They look to me as if they have the cares of the world on their shoulders, as if they know much more about life than we do, old souls. They are so beautiful though, just look at all the scales, even the tiny ones on their legs, so perfect.

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