Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have new pens, will doodle ...

At the weekend I went out shopping with the kids and found these fab fineliner pens - I already had 3 of the little beauties in my art kit, but this was a whole set of 12 in a funky pencil pot! Yay - I told you small things make me happy, I am such a kid sometimes. To the practicalities, they are Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, and I love using them for journalling, collages and of course doodling.

What on earth all this lot means though, I haven't really got a clue. I just wanted to experiment with my new pens, so thought I'd do another 5 minute challenge. A good excuse to zone out and do some doodles really, usually I doodle when I'm on the phone ...

I like to keep hold of doodles, because they could well inspire another artwork. Anyone can doodle, you should give it a try (I bet you've got loads on the pad you keep by the phone for messages ...)

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