Thursday, January 8, 2009

On go slow!

Phew! Am almost too hot to write a post this evening. Just cooled off having a swim, which was lovely - a dragon fly was attracted to the light and landed in the water poor thing, so I picked it up and expected it to fly away once it was rescued. Instead it sat on my hand, its wings beating so fast you could barely see them, to dry them off I suppose - I could feel the fluttering on my hand, its tiny lifeforce beating against my skin. I felt very honoured.

We went shopping today - something I try not to do too often at the big shopping centres, but it was time to spend the Christmas money sent by rellies. What a marathon; hot and grumpy doesn't even start to describe it! I find the energy of a large shopping centre rather overwhelming, all those people in one space and everybody feeling stressed most probably, makes for less than a calm atmosphere. Anyway, finished the day by going to Spotlight, a great craft shop and getting only a few more supplies as I have a rather large stash already. Bought some more papier marche torsos and some lovely peacock blue wool fibre to do some more felting.

Oh well, sorry it's been a bit of a boring post - sometimes it just gets too hot and my brain can't work anymore :( Hopefully have something a bit more creative tomorrow!

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