Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do Everything with Love ... Part 2

I can't believe I'm still up and about at this time! I've just finished working on some bookkeeping for tomorrow, and I slightly underestimated how long it was going to take. And I was so pleased with myself that I'd finished my artwork and taken photos of it before 5 pm this evening. Never mind, I'm here now and it will help me relax before going off to sleep. (Might actually nod off over the keyboard!)

Well, here is part 2 of my 'absolute love' theme. It's called "Choose Love" because after saying yesterday that I aspire to dealing with situations with love, but that it must be very difficult, today I realized it is a matter of choice, and it's that simple. I'd had the idea of producing a mandala style heart combination, but initially I was going to draw the heart inside the circle. However, after doing a few doodles to see which looked best, I really liked the idea of a circle of light being inside the heart and radiating out. It became a collage when I rediscovered some of the collage papers I'd made with the other ladies from my creativity lessons, so I just ripped away and glued to my heart's content. Before sticking on the collage papers I'd glued on some tissue paper and 'squidged' it around a bit with PVA glue to give some texture. Where I hadn't stuck collage papers I painted in amethyst acrylic paint (another of our favourites at creativity group), then painted gold acrylic over the top and scratched some patterns into the paint with the end of my paintbrush. Final touch was to add some stamping of a heart, and some gold rings - from a small pot I'd found and turned upside down to use as a stamp in my gold paint. I love it that the heart is so self-contained, radiating out all that love, even though it's slightly chaotic around it.

OK, I really have written enough, my little head is waiting to fall upon the pillow, 'perchance to dream'. So have a lovely day wherever you are, and remember to "choose love".

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