Thursday, January 22, 2009

Joys of journalling ...

Just a quick blog tonight. I didn't feel like writing yesterday, too tired! Terrible excuse I know, but I sat up in my pj's and drew some stuff in my healing medicine doll journal last night. Think that's where I needed to be. So I'm showing you my cover - we've had to think over what healing means to us, and I've put my definition in a few words around the sides of the cover. In case you can't see them my ideas are: 'Becoming whole ... learning acceptance ... finding my voice'. I use art on that journey all the time.

It's funny but when I drew the two faces at the top I didn't feel comfortable with the sad, tearful face. What makes it so difficult for us to look at pain? Happy faces are easy to look at, but if someone starts to cry, no-one knows where to look! So I purposefully left the sad face although I was itching to draw another in its place.

This doll course is thought provoking and exciting, encouraging you to shine a light on those dark places with the aim that you will find understanding. Scary stuff, but I'm ready for the adventure!

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