Thursday, February 12, 2009

Words of encouragement

No blogging yesterday as I was unwell, but I'm on the mend today and am not about to break the blogging habit, having worked so hard to create it! Being forced to slow down allowed me some time to contemplate, and I realized I'm a little scared about moving forward with my art enterprise. There I was joking about my Etsy store being empty the other day, but the fact is I need to produce items to sell in it - and I keep putting it off. And why? My old friend/enemy fear! I'm scared to do it, I might fail or even worse be so popular I can't keep up with demand!

Luckily I have my 'dream team' surrounding me :) That is to say the people who believe in me and encourage me to keep heading for my dream and not let go. What started all this train of thought yesterday was an e-mail from my dad who complimented my paintings and encouraged me to get my work 'out there'. (Thank you dad!). I started thinking about my dream again, and thought 'you know, you can do this!' I guess that's another thing that your dream team does, they pick you up, dust you off and send you on your way again. Thank goodness they do :) Hope I do the same for other people, I like life to be a two way affair ...

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