Thursday, February 5, 2009

A nice glass of Chablis ...

Here's a little doodle I made on the back of an envelope today. Just felt like using my coloured pencils which I'd left on the kitchen table. Was thinking of drawing a mandala with some of the symbols I'd made, but am so tired, so will leave it for now. There is no right way up to it, as I kept turning the paper as I worked. Wonder what that means?

Well, I am having a pre-birthday treat. I went to see a friend this evening, who lent me a lovely book, and I will put 2 of the quotes I enjoyed from it at the end of this post. Then I went to the bottle shop to choose a bottle of wine for my birthday eve drink - I quite fancied a French wine, and there happened to be a Chablis which I have never tried before. Must say, it's lovely! Spent quite a while chatting with my friend about life, the universe and everything, and now I'm feeling quite exhausted, and with my wine I have a nice, warm feeling that's telling me it's time to go to sleep soon! So I'll leave you with those quotes, they are from the book "A Recipe for Dreaming" by Bryce Courtenay.

"Whatever the dream, no matter how daring or grand, somebody will eventually achieve it. It might as well be you".

And my personal favourite (which concluded the book):

"Life is too short to iron tea towels".

And so, to bed ...

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