Monday, February 16, 2009

heART in the Park!

Three little crafty creatures from 'heART in the Park'

How lovely - my second bouquet of flowers in less than 2 weeks!

Yesterday was a wonderfully creative day! We started off the morning by visiting 'heART in the Park', an event co-ordinated by the Zig-Zag Community Arts group, which aims to connect the community through the arts. There were lots of free activities to choose from, including felt making, claywork, Uthando dolls (a very worthy project, check out their website) and painting honky nuts and rocks, as you can see above, amongst other things. It was a lovely sunny day, not too hot, and there was a folk band playing music in the background, so it had the soothing vibes of a village festival on the village green.

Later on in the day I visited a friend who is a wonderful artist, although she would never describe herself as such, for a cup of tea and some chat - taking the time just to be. People as a rule don't do enough of that! Anyway, she played the accordion for me and it was absolutely delightful to listen to - I closed my eyes and could imagine myself in France somewhere, outside a small cafe eating croissants and drinking a latte. Oh, what bliss! So my creativity craving was satisfied very well yesterday!

Unfortunately, today it's been back to the real world and data entry for our business. :( Needs must!

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