Monday, February 2, 2009

Stage 1 of Pirate Hat

Wow - I actually managed to produce a hat, even if it is a bit rough looking! I am very pleased with it, not bad for a first attempt. Don't think I'll go through all the stages though here until I have practised a bit more and sound like I know what I'm doing. At the moment I would have to write 'lots of hot water, rub in circles, panic, keep rubbing until it feels felty', and that's not really that informative is it. The panic bit kept recurring though :) But - in the end I had a hat shape and that is all that matters to me, and the person that commissioned it. I promise you that it will indeed look like a pirate's hat in the end! (It might need some persuasion with scissors and a needle and thread ...)

It is really quite good for teaching me to remain calm even though I do panic and think it isn't going to work. You just have to keep on using the water and soap and handling the wool until it 'feels' right. You've got to hang on in there! The first photo are my materials gathered, second is the lovely fluffy and soft Merino wool fibres which were chosen for the hat by my 'client' laid out on the plastic pattern and the final picture is my finished article, which looks like one of my granddad's trilby hats. I am quite tempted to make one for myself. Do you like the little sheep looking on in the background. It lives by my sink usually, so it hardly had to move to appear in the picture!

The other day Violette was asking if we had any trinkets hanging around the house that remind us of an event, place or person. In the top photo you can just see some bells which are hanging off my brass unicorns which I bought from a hippie shop in Lampeter, Wales, where I was at university. Even though that was 20 years ago (my that sounds like a long time ago!) I still remember the high street and town as if I was there only recently. I couldn't ever part with my unicorns, I remember my time in Wales every time I see them!

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