Friday, February 13, 2009

Amongst the undergrowth

Last night before I went to bed I finished cutting out my 50 pieces of corrugated cardboard, and glued them together to make my Australian grass tree, which is going to be the body of an art doll. My husband thought it rather strange behaviour, and also could not believe my patience with all the cutting and gluing. I, however, see it as necessary activity in the pursuit of my art! The doll is supposed to resemble a woman with her arms thrown in the air, celebrating becoming whole - healed at last! It will all become clear when it's finished I promise you. As usual I like to give you a sneak peek into my creative process.

I am forever amazed at the art of film-making. Particularly the fantasy ones which need both a good storyline and fantastic costumes. Tonight we watched Hellboy 2, which is actually very good on both counts - full of weird and wonderful creatures, and very fairy tale like in its unfolding. I particularly like the God of the Forest, which when it is destroyed covers the streets of Manhatten in grass and ferns. From destruction also comes creation. You will have to watch it to see the other special effects - we were all spellbound!

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