Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Colourful surprises!

Other side of the Sue Janson mug

Gorgeous birthday surprise!

I had a really nice surprise today - a loud knock at the door and someone waiting there with the most beautiful bunch of flowers for me. My sister (who lives in the UK) had arranged for some flowers to be delivered for my birthday which is at the end of the week. So I had to put them here to show them off, they're too gorgeous to keep to myself! You can also see in the picture a mug I treated myself to when I went to buy a vase for the flowers - that's a glass jug! I couldn't resist this mug - the design is called "Orange Grove" and is by an Australian artist called Sue Janson, who is a self-taught artist. Her designs are so colourful and full of life. You must take a look! My intention was to buy a glass or mug to try and encourage me to drink more water; I thought I'd be persuaded to do this if the receptacle was one I really, really liked, and this is so gorgeous and just perfect!

Some of today has been spent sorting through my 'stuff'. Very painful for a hoarder! But we've got so much, and it's become too much! So I invoked the law of packing, wherein first you sort and throw stuff out, then you sort through the sorted stuff again and throw another load out! The pile I'm left with is still a lot bigger than the pile for the charity bin, but at least my original pile is smaller. I reckon it will take about 2 years to sort this all out, but it will be worth it! Being clutter free also seems to make me feel lighter for some reason - must just be by association!

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