Saturday, February 21, 2009

Varied reds

Red sky at night ... sun setting over Perth city

Homemade tomato sauce made from our lovely red tomatoes!

It's been a hot old day again in Perth. So I stayed in at home and did some spring cleaning, I was very good and put a load of yarn into a box to take to the CWA ladies in the week, so they can do lots of knitting if they want. I know some community groups are knitting lots of items for the survivors of the bushfire, who lost everything. Then I spoiled my good intentions of getting rid of my hoard by buying some 100% wool from ebay to do some felting with. Think I will have to store it at my 'studio' when it's ready!

I also made some tomato sauce today, because I thought it was a good idea at the time. Pity I didn't realize how long it was going to take to reduce it in the pan, then liquidize it, then re-boil with the vinegar and sugar, reduce again to the right consistency then put into the bottle. It tastes absolutely lovely, thank goodness, but it's a good job I'm not producing it to sell, I would definitely make a loss! There's only half a litre, which won't last long in our house as all the boys are tomato sauce fiends. Still, after all the whinging about how long it took I am secretly very proud of my cottage industry ketchup! Thought the bottle was particularly nice - it's from Italy you know!

Oh well, can't think of anything much to say ... think the heat has melted my brain again. Sorry, it's not a very inspiring blog, though the photo of the sunset is pretty stunning. I'm going to paint a triptych of the Perth skyline, so needed to get that shot. Roll on autumn!

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