Friday, February 20, 2009

Creativity abounds!

Yesterday was such a lovely day I just carried on right through and savoured all the gorgeousness of it, without sitting in our little office and shutting myself away to write my blog.

The best part is I am an aunty again! My sister had 2 little boys; it's always a reminder that whatever happens in our lives, life does keep going on anyway, always creating anew.

I've also had a couple of great art opportunities turn up - to run some creativity courses locally, details later, and an offer to become part of the Craft Corps Community set up by Vickie Howell. She's an awesome creative chick, who writes books and appears on TV, whilst finding the time to constantly be creative! As part of the community we will have our profiles on-line, linked to our website - or in my case, blog, but I will be getting a website sometime in the future.

One of the other great things that happened yesterday was I had a clear picture form in my mind of the importance of creativity to me personally. You know that feeling when you watch a small child jump without a care off a climbing frame, because they just KNOW that their parent is going to catch them in their awaiting arms? Well, I feel that I can take a step into the 'unknown' because my creativity is waiting there with open arms ready to support me. My creativity is blossoming as I practise more and more, and now I feel I can jump without fear and fall straight into the comfort of my art making. I think I may even paint the image, because words just don't convey how important this relationship between myself and creativity is. Now I didn't know I had that painting in me until I wrote this post - it's a bit like being on a live broadcast - you never know what will happen!

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