Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something beautiful ...

Had a wonderfully arty day today, but I won't be showing what I created just yet, as it's part 1 of a 2-part project and I want to write about them together. It's another doll for the art doll challenge/healing medicine doll course, and that's all I'm prepared to tell you!

I have a book of inspirational messages which I dip into sometimes, and the one I chose today said that I would be given something beautiful and I was to watch out for it, and be thankful. This is what I love about life - the synchronicity of it all if you just wait and watch and be patient - all with an expectant heart. Well, we were in the park this afternoon having a fantastic time playing and hunting for acorns - looking for the very hard to find acorn with a hat! (But we managed it, just look at the photo). So that was beautiful in itself. But there were other gifts for us to receive. As we walked back to the car we found some feathers, one in particular was beautiful - purple in colour with dots on it - and some tidbits from the 'heART in the Park' event I wrote about yesterday. They're all on the plate in the picture, we found some felting wool (purple - my favourite) and the plate which we used to carry our treasures. The best of all though, was when my eldest called to me and said, "Mum, I found this and it's for you" - and there was a little stone that had been painted on the day and dropped in the grass, all alone. That was my something beautiful - my son holding out his hand, giving me this gorgeous stone. How lovely is that? I wonder who painted the stone? I'm glad they did, it has a new home here, and will go outside by my front door, where we're getting quite a collection of painted stones. One of which I painted when I was about 12, of a donkey I'd seen in Clovelly, Devon! To me it looks very childish, but my children are rather proud to have something painted by their mum as a child next to their creations.

Thank you for my lovely day and the beautiful something ...

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