Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Art is everywhere ...

Hello! Here is a picture of me trying my best to look like an artist - it was a promo shot for the Artopia exhibition I had last year. It's the one year anniversary this week, and it was a really big thing for me to exhibit my paintings to the public. The title of this post was the catchphrase for the whole art festival, and it really resonates with me.

For example we went for a rare treat to the cinema today and saw WALL-E, which has several moral messages, but amongst it all there is a building of a relationship between two robots. There's basically no speech between them, but you can tell how they feel about each other and the connection that grows between them just from the expressions and the 'gobbledygook' they do speak. How is it the animators can make us feel so much? For me that is what art is all about - making the observer FEEL, to experience emotion. So film-making and animation will be going on my list of artistic/creative activities. The film was really enjoyable by the way, amusing and putting across the serious (and rather worrying) message that we really should be looking after our planet or we're going to end up in a real big mess!

The next thing I need to learn is how to put links in my posts! I'd really love to include a link for the Artopia Festival which is held every 2 years here in WA. So as soon as I know how - I will! The next one is not until September 2009 so I have a bit of time ...

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