Monday, October 6, 2008

100 Art Dolls Challenge - No.1 Doll!

It's my 10th day of blogging! Bit of a milestone for me - only 90 days to go and a good day to start a new topic ...
Today I thought I would announce my intention to join the '100 Art Dolls Challenge' which was started by two artists called Stacey Apeitos and Arrigo Dorissa. They call it a 'blogging adventure' in their intro whereby they take a year to make 100 art dolls and use the blog to reflect on the making of the doll, and its meaning to them. I do enjoy making dolls, but have always felt I needed to give the dolls away, or make them as gifts for someone, i.e. I needed a reason to make them rather than make them for the sake of it. Now I have a perfect reason to make 100 dolls! Yay! I'm not really into deadlines (because I usually miss them!) but it would be cool if I could do it before my 40th birthday, but I won't say when that is!
My first doll is a spirit doll I made from a pattern by Violette, although all the paintwork was splashed on randomly not following a pattern at all! I've called it 'Creativity', because I made it when I first decided to embark on this artistic journey that I'm now blogging about. I love it because it's so bright, it reminds me of the creative impulse on those dull rainy days when I'd rather stay in bed!

1 comment:

Arrigo said...

Great art doll Lara.
Thank you for checking out our page. The art doll challenge will continue throghout 2009 until Stacey and I achieve 100 art dolls each! I look forward to more of your posts.
Have a great New Year.