Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday evening ponderings ...

Ah - today was just as a Sunday should be - pottering about in the garden, planting my remaining seedlings before they die in their mini pots, and drinking tea outside admiring my handiwork afterwards.

Also watched my most favourite TV programme - 'Who do you think you are' with the lovely Julian Clary this week. I just love the way researching ancestry seems to make you feel more connected even when you have never met the person. One day I will trace my family tree, really ...

Well, this is just a short post, I've decided that I probably won't post anything on a Sunday unless it's really, really interesting as Sundays are so manic - all my chores like ironing for the week ahead have to be completed, not very inspiring for blog posts!
Enjoy the photo of our lovely wisteria - the metal lionfish you can see on the lefthand side was made by my husband, who swears he is not at all arty - when he obviously is! Tut, some people!

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