Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hearts and butterflies!

We went to a wedding yesterday which is why no Saturday blog, and why I'm writing on a no blogging day! The wedding was beautiful, bride and groom looked totally joyful all day. It was a real honour to be able to share in their special day. At the reception the tables were festooned with love hearts (chocolates - yum), and the symbol on the invites, stationery and place labels were butterflies - one of my favourite symbols for some time now. A symbol of transformation, which in this case is from one stage of life to the next, single to married life. Very fitting I thought and I've included my place label in one of my pictures.

The doll is another spirit doll, which I called the 'Love-ly' doll, I've also sewn a couple of tiny rose quartz beads into it for extra romance and as you can see from the back of the doll I painted some hearts on it too. I wasn't too happy with the face of this doll, but by the time I had finished I was pleased with the overall look. I usually pick a theme I might have been thinking about for a while, and choose symbols and colours that I feel bring the theme to life. So of course with the theme being love, I imagined pinks and lilacs, hearts and wanted the extra touch of the rose quartz which is believed to be a symbol of love (self-love too which is important so that you can reach out and love others).

Unfortunately, the second picture is not the way up I wanted it to be - somehow it has rotated itself whilst I was uploading it, and I haven't a clue how to rotate it to the right way up! Still, you get the idea of what I was trying to achieve! I could spend several hours trying to work it out, but I'm not going to!

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