Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art - is it in the genes?

Oops - have not blogged for a couple of days! I was out for an evening, then forgot the next day - I will have to plan a bit better. Maybe I should just blog at weekends like a friend of mine does, I know I missed yesterday but it was a holiday here in WA, so it felt like the weekend. :)

Anyway... The weekend got me thinking about ancestry, because I follow the UK programme 'Who do you think you are?' (which I missed because I was out!) One of my musings was whether we inherit our talents/gifts from our ancestors. When I returned to the UK this year I found a load of family papers and photos at my mum's, including a photo of my greatgrandmother who looked like a spirited and determined woman despite being dressed in the oppressive looking clothing of the time. I'd like to hope I share some of her characteristics. My mum has often told me about how creative her mother was; she could knit anything without using a pattern and it would always fit. Apparently she would make hand knitted swimwear which would fit beautifully until you went in the water with it, whereupon it would be three sizes larger when you came out! I would love to research my ancestry and find out if there were any other artistic types in the family.

NASA did a creativity test in the 1960's - out of the large group of 5 year olds they tested 98% were seen as 'creative'. When they tested an even larger group of adults, only 2% were 'creative'. They concluded that 'non-creativity' is a learned behaviour. How awful is that!

Come on people, dig deep and rediscover your natural creativity - it's your birthright!!

My image for today is a pastel my daughter produced a couple of years ago. It's one of my favourites because it's so whimsical and happy. Remember how art used to be at school?

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