Saturday, October 18, 2008


Every time I walk out to the washing line I pass this amazing display of nasturtium in a battered old dustbin, but it's one of the most beautiful things in the garden! We actually ripped up some of the plant because it grows like a weed in this area, and put it in the bin to dispose of it. However, it seems the plant had other ideas, and after dying back after the first few days, it keeps coming back as this lovely voluptuous plant. Isn't it just gorgeous, I adore the colours, fiery and passionate.

What got me thinking was the question of "what sustains you? what keeps you going season after season?" Then as my mind does, it started a rollercoaster of other ideas. What sustains me each day, what energizes me to keep going? Firstly, my family sustains me, though of course I also expend a lot of energy on it - it's a two way street! And my art sustains me, I think I would be totally lost if I couldn't create a little something each day, even the 'routine' portfolio I talked about the other day. So, what sustains you, energizes you, where does your passion lie?

This blog has been somewhat of a revelation for me, not just the techno side of having to get to grips with a PC, but also that it makes me think about issues, ideas, creative processes each and every day, which in turn energizes me - and keeps the brain ticking over! And all that from a dustbin filled with flowers ...

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