Monday, October 13, 2008

Beetroot coloured R&D

Have just finished making my first handmade paper. I decided to be clever and try and dye my paper pulp with beetroot juice, with the end result of dusky pink with scattered beetroot bits. Interesting! Anyway, it's a delightfully messy process, I will be finding small pieces of dried up paper paste all over my kitchen for the next 5 weeks, thanks to beating the soaked paper pieces with my high speed whisk. Pink coloured pieces mind. It took me until the third sheet to realize I had been using the deckle upside down. Needless to say the process became a little smoother after that, and the sheets were more rectangular shaped than bloblike. You also have to be careful when clearing up, because if you let any of the paper paste go down the plughole it can bung up the drain, and make your husband unhappy too I'll wager. Dodgy business this papermaking.

I haven't included any pictures of this marvellous undertaking, because let's face it, looking at pieces of dusky pink wet paper paste drying is as interesting as watching ... paper paste drying. When I get better at it, I'll post some pics of the process. Might be waiting a while.

Thoroughly enjoyed it though!

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