Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blogtoberfest Day 8 - Op Shop Treasure Hunting

Sometimes I need cheering up, sometimes I'm lucky enough to be in the vicinity of an op shop (charity shop to my UK friends) and sometimes I get time in my lunch break to pop in and treasure hunt - yay! 

What did I find?

A 1967 pattern ... for 20 cents!

Does it count as vintage if it's from 1995?  Would make a nice summer dress for 2014.

Do you remember the 'Make it Easy' collection from the 1980's/early 90's?  Seeing these was a real blast from the past as I learned a lot about dress-making from using these.  Only the other day I was remembering how comfy a black polka dot top was that I made for work - using the pattern in the centre of the above pic.

A kilt - made at the Edinburgh Textile Co - in Scotland.  It came complete with kilt pin.  I'm going to shorten it slightly, then wait for next winter to wear it :)

And finally ... some cotton yarn to crochet doilies which I will use to embellish clothes, another 'vintage' pattern, a willow pattern cup - much beloved by me as we used to have a dinner set in this pattern when I was little, and a colourful paisley patterned robe which I intend to cut up to make a practise top from a very old pattern in my stash.

I love op shopping - it's like a trip down Memory Lane :)

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Chris said...

That was a successful shopping trip. I too love blue china!