Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blogtoberfest Day 7 - Inspiration in the forest

After a day at work, looking after friends' animals, feeding my own animals followed by household chores I almost felt too tired to write a post and certainly didn't know what to write about.   Help!

When I'd checked the chooks were in bed, I took Charlie Dog for a walk in the forest, the path lit by an almost full moon and my dodgy wind-up torch.  We could hear bagpipes being played in the distance (honestly!) which added a strangely pleasant ambience.  I started thinking about my day and questioning what I could possibly write about as it had been 'just another day'.  So I started looking for tiny moments for inspiration - and remembered looking through my desk calendar at work as I ripped off each day already spent.  With these calendars there is a daily quote and I like to read them in case there's one or two that resonate with me - and I remembered the one that caught my eye, and as it happens stayed in my mind:

"One can never consent to creep, when one feels an impulse to soar." - Helen Keller

I don't know what stood out for me with this one, was it the rebellious nature of not doing what you're expected to do, or the concept of soaring?  I guess that's something else for me to think about ...

Forest walks always inspire me in some way ... do you have a place you go for inspiration?

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