Monday, October 20, 2014

Blogtoberfest day 20 - more thrift shop goodies!

More thrift shop shopping!  For the princely sum of $15 I got all this:

Some vintage - 1977, 1984 (and one not so vintage 1990's) dress-making patterns.

Earlier this week I found a belt I liked in an on-line store, and soon stopped liking it when I discovered it cost $159; I was much happier with the slouchy belt I found today for a couple of bucks!

I'm having a thing with my neighbour about retro pottery.  We are both constantly searching op shops to see what treasures abound, it's turning into a friendly competition to see who gets the best stuff first!  I particularly like Japanese pottery, so snapped up this lovely brown floral plate, and we need some bowls as everyone seems to enjoy breaking our current supply.  I remember 'kiln-craft' from when I was young and these lovely examples are ironstone ceramics made in Staffordshire, highly regarded for its pots!! 

Last but not least I found two great dresses.  The floral one obviously fulfils my 1970's mania, I love it for the pattern and the lace.  I'm thinking I will most likely make it into a maxi skirt, but as I haven't tried it on yet I don't know if I'll be able to wear it as is or not.  It does seem to be requiring some love and attention though as a few seams have popped stitches - nothing I can't handle.  The grey dress is lovely and lightweight, perfect for summer.  I will definitely be making this into a skirt, and look carefully you will see the Eiffel Tower - another of my passions!

Thrift shopping is such fun!  I LOVE IT!

And bonus - I caught up with a friend who gave me my birthday pressie from back in February - some beautiful 100% feltable yarn from a nearby Steiner school.  Just look at the colours - that green and red combo is just asking to be made into something for Christmas ...

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