Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blogtoberfest Day 18 and 19 - 2 days in one :)

Well, yesterday, day 18.  The day of the storm.  The day it sounded like our house fell down!  Lightning then the thunderclap within a nanosecond - youngest child breaking all land speed records to jump into mum's arms with fright.  Mum screaming in fright just before he did so.  Wow!  Our neighbour phoned just after the lightning struck to make sure we were all ok - she said it sounded like the thunder hit our house.  It didn't, but it sure made it's presence felt!

The favourite
Earlier in the day, youngest and I were rummaging in the dirt in our large container garden, hunting for potatoes, and were not too disappointed by the results, considering I'd forgotten to keep layering up the compost as the shoots grew taller.  We got a couple of decent sized spuds, plus lots of diddy baby ones, so we will get one meal out of them.  My wee man also enjoyed pulling out some baby beetroots - we had papa, mamma and baby beetroot, and the last of the carrots.  We'd grown them mainly for the bunny, but as Horrid Hilda is being particularly horrid at the moment we will keep these for ourselves :)  The youngest couldn't wait to get inside to wash all the veg and take stock of the veggie treasure.  We have vowed to grow tomatoes for the summer.  He doesn't actually like tomatoes, but does love the process of watching them grow and picking them when ready.  Anything that is more fun than the X-box is a winner in my book.

And today, day 19?  Slightly better weather, though the ground is so sodden the chooks left camp and escaped their pen to find drier ground higher up the yard.  Unfortunately, scratching right along the path where everyone walks their dogs, which meant we had to herd them back when their absence was noted.  Poor old Roast was left in the pen as she is a bit old and too arthritic to fly.  I thought she'd laid down and died from loneliness, but she was actually lying down with her wings spread out enjoying the only patch of sunlight to permeate the gloom.

As the wee man spent much of the day at his best mate's I took the opportunity to clear up the art supplies cupboard, and am secretly very proud of my decluttering.  I threw out 3 bags of rubbish and it's looking much neater and stuff doesn't fall out any more when you open the door :)  Next stop it's cleaning up my making space/studio that is in the rumpus room - I feel I'm clearing the way to start making art and craft for business purposes.

There you have it.  My weekend in a nutshell.  Quite productive really - what have you been up to?

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Chris said...

What beautiful colours those vegetables are!