Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blogtoberfest day 23 - Connection to the land

I met with some friends the other day and we had a good conversation round a coffee and cake.  A good old fashioned gathering, a circle of women.  No social media in sight!  We talked about education, the world today and came to the conclusion that what we are all missing out on is time in nature.  That we are really damaging our health by not connecting with the land.

This dog is highly dangerous - not - Cdawg keeping an eye on the old chook Roast - one of the others has just used him as an underpass!  I love my girls!
You know the happiest I've been for a while was a couple of weeks ago when I was up with my chooks, tending to their pen, having to wire up the fence and dig in the earth.  The chooks were watching with interest and p'kurking away happily.  I felt so content, hands in the mud, talking to feathered friends.  I realized I was missing my time in the outdoors.

If you feel a longing to be in touch with nature, there's a really good book (which incidentally is currently on my bedside table ..) called 'Last Child in the Woods' by Richard Louv.  He believes we suffer from nature deficit disorder, and you know what, I tend to agree.

Get yourself some chooks ... or an allotment.  Or just a walk in the woods.  But get out in nature!

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