Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tubers ...

OK, I do have some weird habits.  Such as leaving sprouting tubers around as pieces of art.  But just look at it - it's amazing!  You can tell which shoots had started sprouting by their curly and twisty tendrils, which were growing when it was squished in the veggie box in my pantry.  The shoots are a lot longer and straighter now having grown the entire width of the kitchen table.  My family are very tolerant of my idiosyncracies, not saying a word about the vegetable which keeps us company at mealtimes, although my daughter did move the sweet potato to my side of the table because it got in her way.  It's quite hardy - it's been caught up in the venetian blinds a couple of times when somebody put them up (not me - I'm very kind to my vegetable!) and it's surviving merely on air at the moment.  That's what I find so fascinating, nature's ability to survive whatever the odds.  I suppose I will have to put it in the garden eventually when it threatens to take over the kitchen (we had one that almost took over the laundry room in our old house, the kids were too young at the time to be able to recall that one), but for now I am going to enjoy it in all it's glory.  Creation in it's most natural state!

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