Monday, April 26, 2010


This picture is aptly named - I've just had a few technical problems and now my head is hurting.  I'm writing this on the family pc because I wanted to scan my picture (first technical problem) and now I realize my links that I promised the other day are on my laptop.  Bum ... 

I've been handed a glass of Pimms and lemonade.  Head starting to feel slightly better now.  :)

Where was I?  Oh yes, scattered!  My thoughts are everywhere at the moment, what feels like squillions of creative projects taking up lots of room in my head and jostling for pole position.  I'm also going through the 'what am I going to do with my life' questions, which is a tad silly as I know I want to be an artist and get my message of 'creativity is for EVERYONE' out to the world.  It's just, how to do it?  So I've been ruminating on that as well.   Amongst other things that are simply too boring to write about here, but are hugely important to our lives and where we will be in the future (geographically speaking).  No wonder I'm feeling all over the place!  Out of all this confusion appeared my mandala.  I do love mandalas.  My son asked what it was about, and I said 'no idea' but we both thought it was very pretty.  And colouring is so very, very therapeutic.  

Oh woe, my Pimms has gone.  :(  Need a cup of tea now.

Back to what I originally was going to write about.  It's cooler weather now (yay!) and this seems to have an effect on how much notice my husband takes of my crochet projects.  The other night he asked me why I was trying to work on 4 afghans at once, when it would be easier to finish one before moving on to the other.  I looked at his face and realized he WANTS me to finish my lovely pure wool afghan so we can put it on the bed because he's cold!  So, I'm working solely on this afghan now, which is 120 squares in total (only 60 to go).  He's also quite enthusiastic about me making him a pair of slippers - so tomorrow I'm off to Spotlight to source some manly coloured merino wool fibres to make a sheet of felt that I can cut slipper pieces out of.  I'm going to pull apart his old slippers so that I can use the soles.  I'll let you know how it goes!!

Well, I've written more than I intended, hope it hasn't got you too scattered!  It is a full moon tonight, perhaps that's having an effect? 

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