Friday, April 30, 2010

tiny post

I've been working on my dastardly plans to take the arty world by storm - you can view some of my artwork at Deviant Art - look for 'artycrone'.  It's quite a confidence booster when other people add your art to their favourites.  Some of the pictures have been used already for this blog; I'm also intending to put newer paintings up as they appear!

It's been a bleak few days for me this week.  Although I have strategies for dealing with my depression, it still manages to creep up on me occasionally.  Got a couple of good ideas for artworks from the experience though.  Inspiration is everywhere.

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Sally said...

SNAP - this week certainly has been one of those weeks for me too. I'm always low at this time of year. Trying my best to keep on top of things - lovely to at least know I'm not alone.