Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drawing a face with pastels

I bought some fantastic pastel pencils at the weekend that are skin tint colours, 12 pencils in all, made by Mont Marte.  This picture is a doodle I drew whilst waiting for the kids to get ready for school.  Actually I'm quite pleased with it - whilst I love drawing faces I still find them very difficult, so I need all the practise I can get.  I'm going to pinch a piece of my daughter's pastel paper and have a go at a bigger picture.  This picture was drawn on normal cartridge paper so produces totally different results than if you use proper textured pastel paper.

Short and sweet tonight.  I've been looking after a friend's little girl today, and I'm absolutely pooped.  She really brightened up my day, especially when she gave me a huge hug and told me she loved me!  Need to regain my strength though, I've forgotten how much energy you need when you have little ones around! 

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