Monday, April 19, 2010

My Kalamunda Show ... and the 300th post!

What a lovely way to celebrate my 300th post!  These pictures show my prize winning doll Immogen (you saw her bloomers the other day!) who got first prize in her category.  I made her hair from embroidery floss - the ringlets are simply 15cm lengths of the floss twisted tightly, then folded in half - the threads then twist around each other.  I usually feel a bit anxious when making doll's hair, and come to think of it when creating the face.  Bad hair and a hard face can ruin a doll!  So much so that I'd hoped to make this doll for the last show I entered back in 2007, but I chickened out and only completed her on the morning I had to take my exhibits to the village hall last week!

But that's not all!  I also got 3 x second prizes and a third prize - quite a respective prize haul.  (The dress I made for my 40th party won second prize in its category - I was so pleased!).  All so unexpected, but I'm proud of my achievements as I worked really hard to complete everything on time plus it's a real confidence boost.  Also a lesson to us all not to hide our gifts/talents - if you introduce them to the world you  never know what might happen.  Go on and unearth that hidden creativity ... get out of your comfort zone.  Because yes, even on the way to the hall I was feeling nervous and could hear that voice of self-doubt saying 'what makes you think you're good enough to enter any competition?'  It's sobering to think that voice can stop you from doing something you love.  Don't let it!  ;)

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...and very sage advice too.