Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloomers ... and a lesson for me

Crumbs - I can't believe it's a week since I last posted.  Last week was not a good week for me, I was not in a good place!  Our neighbours kept playing really loud music several days in a row, I could hear the lyrics in our lounge, and their dog always barks at us whenever we go out - it just got to breaking point and I felt like a prsioner in my own home.  At one time I even marched to the end of the drive to go and have a word, but stopped before I got to their house as my rational head was saying, 'calm down, go back inside, you are in the sort of mood where you'll say something in anger you'll regret later and you'll have to go past your neighbour's house for evermore with a paper bag on your head'.  So I listened to reason and went back indoors.  Now most of the 'Mrs Angry' feelings I must admit were hormonally induced (hope my husband doesn't read this, he'll give me his knowing smile) but I hated the feeling of insecurity in my own quiet haven, and also the way the anger made me feel.  Sick, sick, sick!  I would never advocate trying to bury anger as that causes damage itself, but letting it build up and getting hooked up into it is toxic!  I needed strategies to cope with it ...

The therapy included - going for a walk in the cool evenings, exercise is so fantastic for releasing those feel good endorphins; I looked for advice on dealing with noisy neighbours in WA and found a forum where a man described his awful situation and asked for advice on dealing with it - wow, the replies ranged from the very sensible to the sublime, some things you'd get arrested for but it made me feel a whole lot better!

Needless to say I'm feeling heaps happier now, the best strategy was realising I was the only one who became really miserable and whose life was being affected. It also helps when I play my own music just that little bit louder too ... ;)

Oh, and the bloomers?  They're for a rag doll I'm making for the Kalamunda Show which is this weekend.  I may have been a little optimistic about what I will be able to finish in time.  I still have a bag and 2 aprons to make; at least it keeps me busy and my head in a good place!

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Sally said...

Lovely bloomers.
Anger is totally toxic and is so tricky to deal with... society, the way we've been conditioned, ect ect. Sounds like you approached it well.