Saturday, April 24, 2010

Inspired to crochet ...

Ooops - I meant to write this blog yesterday, but it was my husband's birthday and we ended up going out for the evening with the kids (stayed in a hotel near the sea, beautiful).   Well, here I am posting now.  As you can see, my crochet is still going well.  Actually I have to thank Sally at Virtu for inspiring me to carry on to get to my 120 square goal to finish one of the afghans.  I also spent a few minutes today planning another afghan that up until now was going to be completely random - but I didn't really like the idea, it felt like something was missing.  After a day at the seaside to clear my head I drew up a plan this evening that allows my elements of randomness to be tied up in an orderly fashion.  My teenage son came in to have a look at what I was doing, and even he got hooked up in the mathematics of planning my squares, he was really quite enthusiastic and didn't look at all bored!  See, crochet is exciting for everyone! 

I also have another project simmering away in the back recesses of my brain - today at Hillary's Boat Harbour I saw some genuine Ugg boots, which were a little pricey but totally gorgeous.  I so love having toasty feet in the winter, and I've been hankering after a pair of Uggs for a while.  But now I am thinking of ways I can make my own pair of especially warm boots and have a few ideas; making some felt and cutting out pieces to sew into a boot, knitting then felting some boots and finally making some boots out of a sweater and some cheap shoe soles!!  I do have some links but they are on my laptop which has decided it doesn't want to play the internet game tonight. :(  If I remember I will post them tomorrow as there are some brilliant sites out there with ideas for making your own shoes.  I'll give anything a go if it gives me an excuse to be creative!

Oooh - and it's day 114 of 2010 and I've done 105 squares, nearly caught up!!

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Sally said...

Oooooo! What a thrill to be sighted as someone's inspiration ... and even more so to have inspired you - a person who I regard as highly creative.
Looking forward to one day seeing the finished afghan.

...and happy birthday to your husband.