Thursday, April 15, 2010

The joy of yo-yo's

Off I tootled to Kalamunda Agricultural Hall this morning with my exhibits for the craft show.  I love having a look at all the other entries, 1- because I'm very nosey and 2 - because it's so heartening to see all that creativity in one place.  There are a lot of talented people about.  I had to laugh though as for one class I was the only entry (for my hand built plant pot).  My son said at least I'll get noticed.  Hmm ...

When making one of the aprons I discovered the joys of making yoyo's - that is, the circular piece in the middle of the flower.  They are so easy to make and look absolutely gorgeous.  All you do is cut out a circle of fabric, this one was 13 cm in diameter, turn a narrow hem with running stitch, then pull the threads until the hem gathers up.  You're left with what looks like a very small bag which you then squash flat into the circle shape (after having tied off the ends of the threads so it doesn't all unravel!)  It looks pretty with a button sewn in the middle which also hides the threads.  I think if you used a really groovy fabric and colourful buttons it would make a really great brooch or decoration for a bag.  Now there's an idea ...

I collect the exhibits on Sunday and I can share pics of them then.  Not that I'm superstitious :) but it felt unlucky to share images before they went on show.  A couple of years ago I got a highly commended certificate for a bag with patchwork - I wonder if I can beat that this year? :)  My daughter took one look at the apron above and said my style and personality were bouncing out of it - compliments are much better than certificates (though they are good too!)

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