Saturday, July 18, 2009

To warm the heart ...

It's cold and raining outside, so it's very nice to be inside and toasty warm - the fire is burning merrily away.

I'm running a workshop this coming week - showing how to embellish a doll to make beautiful spirit dolls like the ones in the above picture. I've discovered the remarkable healing powers with doll-making, and this particular activity is very calming and meditative. In the workshop you'll be working with a variety of different materials and decorating the doll in a way that is meaningful for you. Included is a drink and snack at 'half-time' and great company with like-minded people.

Spirit Doll Workshop
When: Thursday, 23rd July - 9.30 am - 12 noon
Where: Creative Seeds Healing Arts Studio, 5/264 Kalamunda Road, Maida Vale
Cost: $30
To book and for further info, please call Linda or myself on 9454 5000, or e-mail me on the address on my profile page.
It would be great to see you there!

Right I'm off to put my feet up in front of the fire and drink my cup of tea! We were planning to walk into town tomorrow to visit the Farmer's Market again, but it's forecast to rain, so we will see if we are fairweather walkers when we get up tomorrow. I'll let you know ...

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