Saturday, July 25, 2009

One moment in time ...

Here are some more photos of my walk at the beginning of this week. I was starting to be concerned that it was getting further away from the day I took my revitalizing walk, but all that a camera does is capture one moment in time. Everything will have changed subtly since taking these pictures, and it doesn't really matter when I share them. Time is a strange concept if you start thinking about it too much!

The inside of a grass tree - I just loved the red brown of the 'seeds' contrasting with the burnt black. It's almost a mandala!

The wonderful colours of nature - red, red earth, green grass and grass trees and the grey heavens.

I thought this looked a little like a fairy kingdom amongst the rocks - notice the water is rippled - it's starting to rain. Proof I'm not a fairweather walker!

Raindrops splashing in another rock pool.

I love this image - the tree in silhouette against the hills of the village on the opposite side of the valley, the fine grey of the sky and the grass trees and bushland in silhouette to the foreground. Grey, black and white can be very interesting!

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