Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Out and about

Wrapped up against the 'cold'

Returning home with the spoils from the Farmers Market - is it supposed to be that sunny in winter?

Here are a couple of photos from our foray into Kalamunda Farmer's Market, which is held every Sunday. We bought some beautiful organic bread, an apple pie and some organic meat - all very, very tasty! Anyway, breaking with tradition, the boys went and did the shopping whilst my daughter and I messed about in the little park area near the markets. My attempts at taking our photo ended up with shots of just our eyes or a close up of my nose (not a pretty sight) so I gave the camera to my daughter and she did a much better job. Thank you!

On the creative front, other than buying the results of other people's creativity (see above!) I've been busy sewing some clothes, knitting my purple scarf and starting a bag for a Christmas present - it will be here before you know it! My husband and I have also started our 'Lose the Lard for Summer' campaign and have been taking a walk for the past THREE days in a row. That's a big achievement for people who say they have no time for important things like exercise. I must say that just getting out into the fresh air and taking a brisk walk really helps lift one's mood! It's great being in amongst all that nature too. I keep scanning the ground and finding little stones, twisted twigs and all sorts of gumnuts that could be used in artworks. For now I've left them in the open - I've already got a bag of pine cones, leaves and twigs sitting in the kitchen and don't think I'd get away with having anymore in the house. Anyway, part of the pleasure is in thinking about what you could create with nature's bounty, almost as much fun as the creativity itself.

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