Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spirit Dolls with a story

Today I held my Spirit Doll workshop - there were 5 of us altogether, and you can see from the photos above what an awesome time we all had! Spirit dolls are a really calming activity, we were all quiet for ages just enjoying the painting and each other's company. This time I had the participants write their story of their dolls on a luggage label, to remind them of their creative process and any message they may have for themselves. For example, I called my doll 'loving kindness' and on the reverse of the label I wrote "stop beating yourself up", as I am often being told this by my support groups of family and friends! A good instance of that would be when I wrote 'that' blogpost just over a week ago questioning why I was writing at all. Thankfully I got over it and am still enjoying journalling my creative thoughts and anything else that happens in my life!

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