Saturday, July 4, 2009

An end ... and a beginning

This is an image of a painting I've had in mind since my art therapy session where I found the snake could well be a personal symbol of mine - despite being fearful of them! I've read a little about the symbolism of the snake, and the snake that is swallowing its own tail is called a 'uroboros'. It literally means 'one is all' and refers to the cycles of life, such as death and rebirth. The death of something old in one's life and the start of something new.

The picture is painted on a stretched canvas in acrylic paints. I made the dots using a small twig I'd found eons ago in a park, and kept for using for the right opportunity. This was it.

I wasn't intending for it to look so bright, but I'm glad it does. It doesn't appear so frightening and gives the snake a positive feel. It was quite uncomfortable for me to paint something that frightens me quite so much, but after I finished it I felt a sense of relief as if I now see the snake in a different light. Still a little fearful (probably very sensible considering where we live!) but also with more respect. An interesting exercise.

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