Friday, July 3, 2009

F-R-E-A-K-Y Friday!

The back of my "Mama Love" doll with 'tree of life' - I made her ages ago! Her hair is made from tiny gumnuts.

The two beautiful monsters painted very neatly.

From the left: Mama Love, Monster 1, Monster 2, my beautiful purple sphere and a lovely polystyrene ball! When the ball rolled up to the sphere, it was almost as if they had something to say to each other!

We had a little creative time today painting some models we'd made several months ago from air-drying clay. To be honest, I'd put them on a tray in our pantry and forgotten about them. My son had been asking to paint his monsters for ages before I realized what he was talking about. But here they are for your delectation! How artistic is my little boy? It must be in the genes! We really needed to do some creative work as we'd spent the morning walking around a shopping mall which is really my least favourite activity and I was feeling slightly stressed!

I love our little models and monsters -they are a little bit different, totally unique, an expression of us!

It's at this point I have to quote something said by my friend and fabulous artist, Violette!

"You may as well your "freak flag" and be loud and proud about it!"

We all need to express ourselves as we truly are. Amen to that!

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