Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh, what shall I write about?

I am a little bit annoyed with myself as I had planned to post a verse from a poem my eldest son wrote this week, part of which was inspired by a painting of mine - but I can't find the painting!!! Aaargh! So I will save it for another time. Then I was faced with a dilemma of what to blog about - I'd left it much too late really to take any photos of my art I'd made at a chakra workshop as the light wasn't right, but I wanted to write about something. Frustrating!
Then I looked across at my beautiful flowers in their vase and thought 'perfect'. I am always amazed at how nature can calm you and inspire you, plus I haven't taken photos of flowers for a while and winter is a good time to be reminded that the world is still a colourful place. Unlike my flowers I received back in February these have lasted for almost 2 weeks and still going strong! So I can enjoy them for that little while longer, and I do so enjoy having fresh flowers in the house. A little glimpse of them can lift the spirits no end! (And, wow, did I need that today - I left the school parent meetings wondering why I am sending my kids to school, but this is not the time or place to discuss my misgivings). Suffice to say, I am going to read more of Sir Ken Robinson's books to see if he has any advice on how parents can cope!
In the meantime I will look at my flowers and bathe in their short-lived but undeniable beauty.

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