Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great weather for ducks ...

Well, you may have guessed it. My family are fair weather walkers, and accordingly our trip into the Farmers' Market on Sunday didn't happen. So here is a lovely picture of a bright summery flower to bring back memories of warmer days. The fabric is from my stash and will be used in a quilt I'm going to make very soon. This one should not take as long to produce as my hexagon quilt in that the patchwork is mainly squares and I'll be putting it together with my sewing machine. Decided I needed some quilty comfort in double quick time. The hexagon project meanwhile continues slowly but surely.

To restore the family honour I decided to take a walk yesterday despite the delightfully gloomy storm clouds approaching. I did indeed get rained upon, quite solidly as you can see from the photo of my jeans, taken as soon as I reached home. I think if rain can soak your jeans right through in a matter of minutes it's really very wet rain! I'll post more photos of my walk tomorrow - I'm lucky to live in a beautiful, country area and the bush is just stunning. Particularly at this time of year when everything is still green. Seems unbelievable that in a couple of months time the areas that are running with little streams will be dust bowls.

Oh well, just wanted to touch base; I've got a workshop on tomorrow, so I'll be off to bed to read a few pages before a relaxing and restorative sleep to make me wake up enthused and passionate about art in the morning!

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