Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Creative Space - Big Bad Wolf Costume!

What I wanted to show you this week in my creative space is the big bad wolf costume I had to make for Little Man for his assembly.  He particularly wanted a hat like Max's from Where the Wild Things Are, so I asked dear old Uncle Google and found a fantastic pattern here - I think it could be adapted to make any animal.  And it's not too hard to make.  It's also quite simple to make smaller or larger - there are some good pics of other people's variations which are worth a look at.  I used pipe cleaners for the whiskers and curled the ends over and squashed them with pliers so no little people's eyes could get poked in all the dancing!

The jumpsuit was cut from a trouser pattern, which I just continued upwards to make the body and were sewn straight across the shoulders at the appropriate height.  I took the sleeve from a top pattern and just flattened the top curve so that it would fit the straight sides of the jumpsuit.  The best thing is that I managed to make it from a sheet, and some spare fur pieces I had in my stash!  Oh, and I knitted claws and sewed them onto a pair of gloves and Little Man's ugg boots.  Make sure you sew them on well if you ever use the idea as in his excitement at crawling around like a wolf, some of the claws did come off (to be sewn on again, they are not coming off apparently - slippers are so much better with claws on!)

Have a look at the other beautiful creations on display here ...   p.s.  The lovely creative space has moved to a new space, so you've arrived at the right space if you follow this link - it just looks different :)

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Sally said...

How cool is that! Fabulous!