Monday, May 14, 2012

Me-Made-May '12 - end of week 2

Well, yesterday was a lovely Mother's Day.  I was brought brekkie and tea in bed, some pressies from Little Man, a cake was baked for me (huge and chocolatey!) and lunch made, then I was left alone for the rest of the day, happily sewing away at a wicked wolf costume and surfing crafty sites on the net.  Blissful!  Hope all you mums had a lovely day too :)

Now I need to report on the Me-Made-May action going on - I'm pleased to say I've achieved my target of 4 outfits/accessories per week that are either made or upcycled by moi. 

Week 1 included the pink scarf I blogged about last week, my brown checked shirt with gold flecks, a tee-shirt with Ophelia styled face and my kiwi fern buttercup bag.

Finding it hard to get someone to take my photo - posing with blue heart scarf for Me-Made-May
Week 2 included my brown sparkely tiered skirt, my green hoodie, a blue heart scarf and my upcycled tweed skirt, which I am so proud of I'm going to do a tutorial on it for you tomorrow, with more pics - yay!  If I really get myself into gear, I may even do a photo montage to mark the end of the challenge so you get to see all the outfits in one go - double yay!  For now a couple of pics will have to do!

Tweed skirt in progress - I added pockets and a ruffle - superbe!
View from above of blue heart scarf

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