Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creating Success Around the World

I'm going to come clean - today I start my new job, and I've been so focussed on it that I didn't get round to interviewing someone for this week's post.  I believe with creativity sometimes you just have to stand still and start from where you are at that moment, so this week I've had a good time looking at Made-It and it's sister site Craftumi to come up with my top 5 handmade crafters and suppliers.  (It ended up being six - I couldn't resist the last item!)  Anyhoo, it was wonderful being ensconced in the handmade world and I wish had enough dosh to buy everything on my wishlist from my top 5 6. 

This blogpost is a great excuse for some gorgeous online window shopping :)

Firstly, at Craftumi - "Buy and Sell Craft Supplies"

1.   Sweet 'n' Kitsch - here you can buy beautiful vintage and vintage-style fabrics and embellishments.  I couldn't resist these little gingham buttons - simply LOVELY!  And I can say from personal experience that the customer service is excellent :)

2.   Magpie Finds -  I just couldn't resist the name and had to have a look!      Just like a magpie, this store has a stack of beautiful embellishments, suitable for scrapbooking, sewing, card-making, craft.  I was particularly drawn to the beautiful coloured crochet doilies.  There are also care instruction labels for sale to sew in clothes - brilliant!  Vintage buttons too, yum.

Moving onto Made-It - "The Handmade Market Open All Day Every Day"

3.   Rosieok - Made-It were featuring rainbow items on their home page today, and I could not go past this delightful rainbow rabbit amigurumi.  If you look at the store, there are all sorts of gorgeous creatures (the monkey is also one of my favourites!)

4.   Dew Studio - I really am crazy about scrabble tile pendants at the moment for some reason!  And look at this one!  Perfect for my first week at work!  Dew Studio also sells supplies on  Crafumi if you fancy having a go at making your own pendants.  Glad I researched this as I've discovered a new resource for myself at the same time :)

5.   Image On It - okay, I was looking for more scrabble tile pendants, and there are plenty on this site, very beautiful, but this caught my eye and what's lovely about this bracelet is that you can choose the 8 images to be included.  It would make a wonderful gift for someone special tailored to their passions and interests (and of course, for yourself!)

6.   Iszle - the wildcard of my top 5!   Okay, okay - it's more scrabble tile pendants, but there are loads on this site, and look at this fabaroony one, specially selected by moi for my special readers out there who like the Timelord as much as I do xx

All these beautiful pictures are from the stores themselves.  I haven't given links to the individual items because I think you will have more fun visiting the stores and looking through the wonderful products for sale.  Some of the stores have a place on both Made-it and Craftumi and will tell you so on their profile page - so double window shoppping - yay!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this little 'window' into Made-it and Craftumi - please visit them to be assured of good quality gifts and purchases.  :)  To be a seller on either online store you do have to be a resident of Australia, but of course this doesn't apply to purchasing.  I've found the Made-it people to be very helpful and the system is reasonably priced and easy to use.  I haven't sold anything on Craftumi but have bought a fair bit and found it a great way to shop (exciting to get those packages in the mail!)

Let's support handmade!!

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Jill said...

Some fabulous handmade finds there! Love the tardis scrabble tile!! You really can't go past handmade gift can you!