Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creating Success Around the World

Welcome to another week of the Creating Success Around the World blog hop, where we get to visit other creative people from all over the globe.  What I love about this is that we learn about people we may not know, as well as new things about people we already know - as in this week when I interviewed my crafty buddy Amanda, and asked her to recommend 5 books she likes to refer to.  This week I'm thinking about inspiration and where we can get it - Amanda has pointed me in the direction of many new crafty pursuits, and I now have a very long list of 'must get round to it' projects!

But let's meet Amanda and look at her inspiring recommendations:
How long have you been crafting?

Way too long!  I used to knit and sew dolls' clothes and do macrame as a kid!  I liked embroidery too.  I also did some dressmaking although I wasn't as good at that!  ThenI started to knit Jean Greenhalgh patterns for other children in the family, and then for my own family.  Next I started quiltmaking and card making - bad idea!  Would you say you are obsessed?  Yes, a bit!  And the more fiddly the better.  I love to do stuff that other people don't have the patience for :)

Why do you enjoy crafting?
Amanda's crafty bliss - embroidery and a cuppa
No idea!  But I find it's really relaxing - I love the process and the end achievement.  Although end results are few and far between at the moment.  I tend to make for other people rather than myself.

You're a Pinterest girl - what do you like about it?

There are so many lovely ideas in one place.  There's lots of inspiration and there seem to be lots of other people who like the same things as I do.  I tend to do a lot of re-pins but I also like to use it as a digital scrapbook.  It's given me lots of brilliant ideas, if I ever get round to them!

You can find Amanda at her Pinterest site!

One of Amanda's handmade cards - these are paper hexagons, glued on one by one!
Would you say you're a very visual person?

I've never thought of myself like that!  Although I do tend to do more looking than doing!  I would say I'm perpetually distracted!

Amanda's 5 recommendations:

Le Petit Monde by Jacqueline Morel

A beautiful book with mini quilts and collages - "I bought this book simply because I liked the look of it".   The book is in both French and English and I think it adds a certain 'je ne sais quoi'.  It is indeed quilting eye candy.  Includes pattern sheets.

Quilt from 'Le Petite Monde'
It's Quilting Cats and Dogs by Lynette Anderson

So cute!  How to make projects featuring  your favourite furry friends!  Bags, pin cushions, patchwork, even a rug!

A couple of projects from 'It's Quilting Cats and Dogs'
Tea Cozies 2 edited by Emma Kennedy - and yes, there is a Tea Cozies 1! 

I must admit to this being one of my favourites.  Nothing to do with the gallons of tea I drink in a week.  An assortment of tea cozies to knit, from the minimalist to the extraordinary.

I need to make this one!
Picture this!  From Photo to Fabric by Marcia Stein
The back of the book showing just what you can do with a photo to a quilt ...
This book looks fabulous, detailing how you can take a photo and simplify it's content to make a quilt from it.  Really personalizing quilt-making.

... And this one, just because we liked the title!  And the food looks great ...

OMG! I can eat that?  Indulgent Food Minus the Boombah by Jane Kennedy

Prawn and Asparagus red curry - I going to make this at the weekend, see Amanda's inspiring me again!
Honestly the food looks amazing, and I've found some I'd love to try, healthy pizza and pears in red wine are just a couple.  Hmm, making me feel hungry ...

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Jill said...

Thanks for introducing us to Amanda! What a brilliant idea to ask her to recommend books! Such an interesting selection! I LOVE the look of that quilting cats and dogs one!

Divya N said...

The patch work bags are really cute..Thanks for introducing us to Amanda!