Sunday, October 23, 2011

These precious moments ...

My little sparkley notebook stuck on the fridge door ...
I was going to write a post about my knitting and crochet from last night - had a bit of a catch up with my small squares and am progressing with my sock!  But then I found something infinitely more beautiful and heartwarming, something I discovered whilst watching the rugby world cup and making hot chocolate for the kids (they pick their moments!)

Lurking around the door to watch telly whilst watching the milk to see it didn't boil over I took a look at all the stuff on the fridge door - certificates, photos and such stuck on haphazardly as in many family homes.  My little notebook was a pressie from my hubby whilst we were in the UK - don't know what prompted me to open it, but look at the gorgeous message I uncovered:

Little Man even drew a Union Jack for me :)
How loved did I feel and how special that it was meant as a surprise for me.  When I told Little Man how happy it made me feel, he informed me that it was especially for writing nice things in.  Moments like these stay in the parent memory files for years and years.  :)   Bless xxxx

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