Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oooops, missed a day!

Can you believe it!   I missed a day of Blogtoberfest!  And I have no excuse apart from I watched 'The King's Speech' late last night, then fell straight into bed and fell asleep.  But it does fit in very well with my 'doing nothing much' post which I was going to blog about yesterday ...

You see, it's a long weekend over here in WA, and I thought my kiddies might like a few activities to keep them amused.  But no, I have home bods for offspring and we all had so much more fun staying in at home, watching DVDs with the sofa bed set up for comfort while we watched :), walking the dog so at least he didn't get bored, eating yummy bread, strawberries and lollies, walking the dog again, then settling in for the evening.   The most energetic thing I did was make a lemon drizzle cake (pictured), but I must say there's a lot to say for doing absolutely nothing at times, we've all been a lot more pleasant to each other and our days have been less stressed - it's going to be a pull to go back to normality :)   I'd thoroughly recommend taking some time out occasionally to just smell the roses (or the lemon drizzle) - your family will thank you for it.

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Chris said...

That is sooooo spooky! We've had the exact same weekend, dog walking, dvd's and even lemon drizzle! We are so connected!